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Each year more than 3000 adult learners enrol in courses for professional development and personal enrichment at Western Continuing Studies.

We are inspired by their passion to challenge themselves, to learn and to succeed. For each student the path to the classroom is unique.

Cassie Caranci shares her experience in our one-year Post-Degree Diploma in Public Relations.

Cassie Caranci

Communications Coordinator
Lashbrook Marketing and Public Relations

Post-Degree in Public Relations 2016 graduate

I am so happy about my decision to take this program. It has taught me so much about public relations, professionalism and my potential as aspiring communications professional. My career is only just beginning, and I’m so excited for the ride. If it wasn’t for the support of Western Continuing Studies, I wouldn’t be where I am today, employed before the end of my internship!


Why did you choose to apply to the Public Relations Post-Degree Diploma Program?

I became interested in the program when I heard of the success and satisfaction a friend experienced taking it. At the time, I was a Social Media and Web Assistant at Brescia University College, and was beginning to realize my sincere interest in the field of communications. I then decided to take the leap and apply for a program that truly interested me.

Within a few days of sending in my application, I received word that I had been accepted. I was thrilled to begin this new chapter in my life, as I am now thrilled to begin this next chapter of my life as a Communications Coordinator at Lashbrook Marketing and PR.


What stands out about what you have learned?

The instructors and those who carried out the curriculum is what stands out for me. These individuals are so passionate and well spoken about their work and experience, and it was an incredible experience to be able to hear about their lives a communications professionals and what we should expect. Being able to directly apply what I learned in the classroom to my day-to-day work also stands out to me. If it wasn’t for the valuable group projects and assignments we were tasked with, I wouldn’t be as ready to work in an environment that thrives on collaboration and team work.


How are you using what you have learned?

I’m constantly using what I learned in the classroom at Lashbrook. From how to properly present and speak about myself to clients, to creating content for multiple online mediums. I think this program has helped me stand out from other candidates, as it’s given me many opportunities to work directly with community organizations to develop my skills and notable portfolio pieces. As well, having a full-time internship has been critical in being available to work on and be involved in large scale projects and clients.


How was your experience in the post-degree program?

In my situation, I enrolled in the Diploma in Public Relations program right after I finished my undergraduate degree. It wasn’t much of a transition, as I only had a week between the two. However, it was different being in a classroom with both students fresh out of their undergrad, and other with multiple degrees and who are at a different time of their lives in terms of age.

It became very obvious how supportive Continuing Studies was towards their students very early on. The staff and instructors are all extremely well versed in their positions and subject matter, which made the classes and assignments that much more valuable. I had the chance to connect with like-minded students who I still keep in touch with to this day. It’s great to have a network of peers who I can always bounce ideas off of or ask for advise. It was great being a part of such a collaborative learning environment, as this is directly applicable to the workplace in the field of public relations.

I think makes Continuing Studies different is how sincerely they care about their students and their future success. If it’s an early morning pep talk to last minute advice on an assignment, they want you to succeed.