Public Relations

Public Relations



Admission Requirements

The ideal candidate has an undergraduate degree with a strong writing background and is a creative, critical thinker who enjoys the art of communication and the idea of changing the way people think.

  • Successful completion of a bachelor's degree from an accredited university
  • A recommended minimum average of 70% in last two years of study


Application Deadline

April 15

Applications will open on November 1, 2021 for admission into the September 2022 program.


Program Requirements

Once admitted to the program, the student is required to maintain an overall average of 70% with no single grade below 60%. After successful completion of the required courses and practicum placement, students will graduate with a Diploma in Public Relations.

Required Courses

PREL6031 - Public Relations: History and Society

PREL6032 - Communications Planning and Skills

PREL6033 - Public Relations Writing I

PREL6034 - Design for Public Relations

PREL6035 - Research and Evaluation in Public Relations

PREL6036 - Media Relations

PREL6041 - Public Relations Writing II: Electronic Media

PREL6042 - Event and Project Management

PREL6044 - Internal and Employee Communications

PREL6046 - Professional Practice for Public Relations


PREL6101 Practicum in Public Relations

Work with our Placement Coordinator to prepare an effective resume and strengthen your interview and networking skills. You have an opportunity to apply to postings that are published to the class on the student intranet, or to work with the Placement Coordinator one-one-one to explore specific organizations that match your practicum and career goals.



May to August
You will complete the 560 hours over a 16 week period (35 hours/week).  


The practicum location is based on your preference and site availability.  


Successful completion of term one and term two courses is required before you can complete the culminating practicum placement.


Sites may choose to offer payment, a monthly stipend or honorarium, but it is at the site's discretion and is not required for sites to be eligible to participate.