Do you have a degree in Kinesiology, Science, Health Science or a related field? Consider becoming a Certified Pedorthist in Canada.

Pedorthists are certified healthcare professionals with specialized education and training in the care of the lower limbs through observation of surface anatomy, palpation, gait and range of motion. Pedorthists are also trained in the manufacturing, fitting and modification of foot appliances and footwear the for purposes of alleviating painful or debilitating conditions of the lower limbs. The Diploma in Pedorthics will give students the knowledge and skills required to succeed in their career and write the C. Ped (C) certification exam. This is the only program of its kind in Canada. 

What you will learn

The seven required courses are taught and developed by industry professionals to connect theory to practice.  You will develop a professional network, unique skills, and a portfolio of projects used throughout your career. 

What you will learn

  • Have an understanding of how to evaluate current basic science paradigms relating to foot biomechanics and footwear / orthotic treatment.

  • Critically appraise a patients’ footwear, biomechanics, lifestyle factors that may influence foot and lower extremity health.

  • Describe and discuss the use of evidence based practice within a pedorthic setting.

  • Synthesize a treatment plan using their paradigm of choice based on an evaluation of current literature.

  • Measure the outcome of a treatment plan, assess its effectiveness, and formulate additional plans (if required).

Hands-on experience

Through the practicum, you will gain valuable hands-on experience, a strong network of industry contacts, and an edge in the job search process. It is the culmination of your work in the classroom and the bridge to a great career in your target industry

Traditional Route: Kinesiology degree graduates

 Duration: 12 months, full-time | September to August 

  Location: Online

  Tuition: $8000 + Western ancillary fees       Financial Aid: OSAP eligible

  International Tuition: $14000 + Western ancillary fees       

  Program: 7 required courses and 3 practicum placements

  Application Deadline: April 15 

This Diploma in Pedorthics program is a 12 month, full-time online program, combining eight months of online learning and 1320 hours across three practicum placements. Practicum placements are done concurrently with course work. 

NEW Bridging Route: STEM degree graduates 

 Duration: 16 months, full-time | May to August (Bridging Course); September to August (Diploma)

  Location: Online

  Tuition: Bridging $1250; Diploma $8000 + Western ancillary fees  Financial Aid: OSAP eligible (Diploma)

  International Tuition: Bridging $1250; Diploma $14000 + Western ancillary fees  

  Program: Bridging course, plus 7 required courses and 3 practicum placements

  Application Deadline: February 15

The Pedorthics Bridging program is a 16-month program, combining four months (May to August) of online bridging course work with twelve months of Pedorthics diploma learning online (September to August) and 1320 hours across three practicum placements. Practicum placements are done concurrently with course work.