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Western Continuing Post-Degree diploma programs are designed to complement your degree, giving you the skills and practical knowledge to launch your career.  Our small, interactive classes allow you to connect with your instructors, classmates and community members alike in the London and surrounding area.  Develop your personal brand and discover your potential as you prepare to make your mark in the world!

Ask a Grad

We asked some of our post-degree graduates about their experience as a WCS student and working in their field.

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Laure Sheel
Safety Advisor, The Ottawa Hospital
Occupational Health and Safety Management, class of 2016

What piece of advice would you give to a prospective post-degree student?

The program involves a lot of presentations and in-class discussion. This will ultimately prepare you for the field since presentations can be a large part of your role.

What was memorable during your time as a post-degree student?

Our instructor, Dan, took us for a walk around the building our class was in and had us looking at from top to bottom. I haven't looked at any room the same since. My eyes somewhat automatically scope out rooms/buildings/situations/people for hazards or hazardous situations.

What do you enjoy most about working in occupational health and safety?

I'm constantly learning. Things are always changing in the field so there is always more to learn.

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