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I am currently attending or have previously attended Western University

Apply to Program

Program applications consist of:

  • a 500-750 word personal statement;
  • two reference questionnaires - preferably one professional and one academic or volunteer;
  • Western Student ID - used to access transcripts via Student Centre for evaluation;  
  • $100 non-refundable application fee 

Western Advantage

We know the calibre of education Western University provides. In recognition of the outstanding quality of your Western degree, we are pleased to offer you the Western Advantage.


The Western Advantage

Applicants with Western degrees or those in their final year of studies at Western, who meet post-degree program admission conditions with a 75% or greater admission average, including demonstrated literacy in their personal statement plus quality references, will receive pre-approved admission to Western Continuing Studies. Once a complete application is submitted for assessment, the post-degree admissions team will review and deliver an admission decision to you via email within five day period. This is our promise to you!

I have never attended Western University

Step One: Apply to Western University (OUAC)

Apply to Western and pay the application fee of $59.50. A single non-refundable evaluation fee of $90.00 is required of all applicants with a postsecondary background who apply to Western.

*Please note: although our applicants use the same OUAC application as part-time undergraduate applicants, this will not affect your student status. All Post-Degree Diploma programs are considered to be full-time, one-year programs and you will be registered as a full-time student. 

Step Two: Submit Required Documentation

After completing the application process in step one, you will receive an application acknowledgement email from Western University.  Please complete required steps, and forward transcripts and/or English Language Test results (if applicable) to:

Undergraduate Admissions Office
Western University 
Western Student Services Building, Room 3140 
London, ON N6A 3K7 

It is important to check the status of your application regularly through Western University's Student Center. All documents required by Western Admissions will be listed on this site. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure the completeness of their application submission.

For questions regarding admission to Western University, please contact the undergraduate admissions office:

T: 519-661-2100

Step Three: Apply to Western Continuing Studies 

Program applications consist of:

  • a 500-750 word personal statement;
  • two reference questionnaires - preferably one professional and one academic or volunteer;  
  • $100 non-refundable application fee

Program Application Process

Applicants are encouraged to apply early with a competitive application in order to secure an offer to the program for the upcoming cohort. 

A competitive application consists of:

  1. A well-written personal statement of 500-750 words which highlights why you feel you would be a good fit for the program.  Include extracurricular involvement, career aspirations, motivation in pursuing the diploma program, etc. This is also a place to identify anything that may be of importance to the admissions committee when assessing your application for admission - eg. any low marks on your transcript that may be of concern, a gap in your education, etc.

  2. A recommended Minimum average of 70% in last two years of your Kinesiology undergraduate degree. Emphasis will be placed on your last two years of study, and the cutoff average will be determined by the entering applicant pool.

  3. Two reference questionnaires of support. Applicants are encouraged to provide one academic and one professional or volunteer reference where possible. Reference names and contact information will be provided as part of the application.  Once the application is submitted in full, the system will automatically forward questionnaires to your chosen references with questions regarding your admission to your chosen program. 

Please note: an application is not considered to be complete until both reference questionnaires, and any required documentation (transcripts, english language proficiency test results, educational disclosure form, etc.) have been submitted.

Decision Timeline:

Once you have completed an application, your status will change to 'Under Review'.  Once your referees have submitted completed questionnaires, your status will change to 'Submitted', after which you can expect a decision according to the following timelines: 

  • Western University and alumni applicants: Up to five days weeks after submission of a complete application

  • International and non-Western University applicants: Up to two weeks after submission of a complete application

Applicants are encouraged to apply early, ahead of the March 15 deadline. Please contact with any questions you may have about the application process.