Program Requirements



The ideal candidate has a strong foundation in human kinetics and is looking to acquire the practical and applied knowledge and skills required to practice as a pedorthist in Canada.

  • Successful completion of a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology (or equivalent) from an accredited university
  • A recommended minimum average of 70% in last two years of study

Completion of the following courses or their equivalent:

Plus two of the following:

Non-Western applicants: Please refer to Western University course outlines at links above. Ensure that the courses to be assessed for admission cover the same content.  Please note: course equivalencies cannot be assessed by our office without a completed application.    


Western University students

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Program applications consist of:

  • a 500-750 word personal statement;
  • two reference questionnaires - preferably one professional and one academic or volunteer;
  • Western Student ID - used to access transcripts via Student Centre for evaluation;  
  • $100 non-refundable application fee 

Western Advantage

We know the calibre of education Western University provides. In recognition of the outstanding quality of your Western degree, we are pleased to offer you the Western Advantage.


The Western Advantage

Applicants with Western degrees or those in their final year of studies at Western, who meet post- degree program admission conditions with a 75% or greater admission average, including demonstrated literacy in their personal statement plus quality references, will receive pre-approved admission to Western Continuing Studies. Once a complete application is submitted for assessment, the post-degree admissions team will review and deliver an admission decision to you via email within five day period. This is our promise to you!

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Non Western/International Applicants

Apply to Program

Program applications consist of:

      • a 500-750 word personal statement;
      • $100 non-refundable Application Fee
      • two reference questionnaires - preferably one professional and one academic or volunteer;
      • OUAC application to Western University



Required Courses

Courses are offered online across three terms:
September - December | January - April | May - August

PEDS6001 - Functional Lower Limb Anatomy and Gait Biomechanics

PEDS6002 - Pathomechanics and Pedorthic Care

PEDS6003 - Assessment and Basics of Diagnostics for Pedorthic Care

PEDS6013 - Pedorthic Approach to Footwear and Footwear Modification

PEDS6014 - Foot Orthoses Theory

PEDS6021 - Professional Practice for Pedorthists

PEDS6022 - Pedorthic Treatment and Management


PEDS6101 - Pedorthic Practicum I

PEDS6102 - Pedorthic Practicum II

PEDS6103 - Pedorthic Practicum III

Work with our Placement Coordinator to prepare an effective resume and strengthen your interview and networking skills. You have an opportunity to apply to postings that are published to the class on the student intranet, or to work with the Placement Coordinator one-one-one to explore specific organizations that match your practicum and career goals.


October - December  Practicum I

January - March   Practicum II 

April - August   Practicum III


The practicum location is based on your preference and site availability.  


Successful completion of term one courses and Practicum I is required before you can start term two courses and Practicum II, and successful completion of term two courses and Practicum II is required before you can start term three and Practicum III.


Sites may choose to offer payment, a monthly stipend or honorarium, but it is at the site's discretion and is not required for sites to be eligible to participate.


You earn the Diploma in Pedorthics by regularly attending class and receiving a satisfactory grade in all required courses and successful completion of the practicum.