Post-Degree DiplomasContinuing Studies

Program Requirements



You have a passion for activism, and enjoy the idea of working for an organization that promotes positive change. 


Western University students

  • Personal Information
  • $100 Application Fee
  • Two sealed letters of reference

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Non Western/International Applicants

  • Personal Information
  • $100 Application Fee
  • Two sealed letters of reference
  • OUAC application

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Required Courses

NFPM6013 Boards and Governance

NFPM6007 Development and Fundraising for Not-for-Profit Organizations

NFPM6016 Event Management

NFPM6011 Finance for Not-for-Profit Organizations

NFPM6014 Foundations of Leadership Development

NFPM6012 Marketing and Public Relations for Not-for-Profit Organizations

NFPM6004 Public Policy in the Not-for-Profit Context

NFPM6003 Strategic Planning in Not-for-Profit Organizations

NFPM6006 Volunteer Management

NFPM6002 Writing for the Not-for-Profit Sector


NFPM6101 Practicum in Not-for-Profit Management



Work with our Placement Coordinator to prepare an effective resume and strengthen your interview and networking skills. You have an opportunity to apply to postings that are published to the class on the student intranet, or to work with the Placement Coordinator one-one-one to explore specific organizations that match your practicum and career goals.


May to September
You will complete the 560 hours over a 16 week period (35 hours/week).  


The practicum location is based on your preference and site availability.  


Sites may choose to offer payment, a monthly stipend or honorarium, but it is at the site's discretion and is not required for sites to be eligible to participate.


You earn the Diploma in Not-forProfit Management by regularly attending class and receiving a satisfactory grade in all required courses and successful completion of the practicum.