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The practicum is the final course in most post-degree programs. It is the culmination of your work in the classroom and the bridge to a great career in your target industry. Through the practicum, students gain valuable hands-on experience, a strong network of industry contacts, and an ‘edge’ in the job search process. 

One-on-One Coaching

Working one-on-one with the Practicum Coordinator, you will develop a strong resume, improve your interview skills and secure a practicum that matches your career goals. 

It is our expectation that you will achieve the best possible practicum experience available and we have a strong history of partnering with recognized organizations in London, across Canada and beyond.


“Overall this practicum experience taught me countless things about the health and safety industry, health and safety managers, work life in general, and about myself. I learned that the best way to learn is through practical experience. There are so many moving parts that you would not take into consideration in a classroom setting. It is much more dynamic, complex and challenging, but that is what makes it interesting! I am very excited about beginning my career and seeing where it will lead me in the future.”

Nour Daoud
Occupational Health and Safety Management Graduate 2016
now employed at PepsiCo.